How to Return Your Leased Hyundai to D'Arcy Hyundai

Having a leased a new Hyundai for the past few years has allowed you to drive around Shorewood, IL in comfort and style. However, it has been said that all good things eventually come to an end. If your Hyundai lease is about to come to an end, you might be curious about what you need to be preparing to make that happen. The first thing to keep in mind is that you can return your Hyundai to D'Arcy Hyundai no matter where you secured the lease in the first place. Beyond that, there are some things you can now be ready to hand in your leased Hyundai.

Get Ready For the Inspection

Understandably, the dealership will want to conduct an inspection of your Hyundai before accepting it back. You have, after all, been driving it around Joliet for the past few years. Once you turn it back in, the dealership will likely be selling the vehicle, so they want to make sure they can get the money they expect.


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As you prepare for the inspection, you do not need to worry about minor blemishes. This is to be expected. You will either want to correct any major issues or at least be prepared to pay for them as your lease expires.

Prepare To Hand over Your Leased Hyundai

You should receive a notification in the mail about three weeks before your Hyundai lease is due to end. You will want to read that through carefully. One of the things you will be asked to do is make an appointment for someone from Hyundai to visit your location and inspect the vehicle. This is meant to be an easy and convenient process for Downers Grove drivers, but it does need to be done. Go ahead and make the appointment. Keep in mind that they will be looking for anything major that they need to correct before selling the vehicle. If they find anything out of the ordinary, you can either pay for it at the end of the lease or correct it yourself.

As you prepare for the handover, look over your Hyundai. If you see any dents or scratches, particularly around the wheels and bumpers of the vehicle, try to get them taken care of. You will also want to check your windows and windshields. Now is the time to do so if there are any cracks that you have been meaning to fix. The tires should also be in good condition relative to how many miles you drove the car. Finally, look over the interior. If you notice anything, either fix it or be prepared for the dealership to take care of it for you.

A Second Chance Inspection Is An Option

You do not have to accept the initial inspection results as the end of the story. If there are deficiencies that you are asked to pay for, you can go ahead and fix those yourself. If you do that, you can schedule a second inspection just before you hand over the vehicle to get those items removed from your final bill. It is also your right to contest any of the items on the initial inspection report. This also means that you can question the expenses if you were to have the dealership take care of any issues. A second chance inspection is a way to save you money in the end.

Our Bolingbrook Area Hyundai Dealership

When you return your leased Hyundai to D'Arcy Hyundai near Lockport, IL, talk to us about leasing a new one at that time. Remember that it does matter if your original lease was secured through us or not, as we can take back your Hyundai regardless. We have attractive lease offers in effect throughout the year, so we look forward to seeing you soon.