After deciding to buy a new car near Downers Grove or a used car in Joliet, the next step is to test drive it. But what happens if the car doesn't live up to your expectations? You may not want to make such an expensive purchase without thoroughly exploring all of your options in Joliet. These seven ways will help you get the most out of your test drive:

1) Check for exterior and interior blemishes. - Most cars have flaws. Take a good look at the car from every angle, inside and out. If there are blemishes that you can't live with, tell the dealer now.

2) Make sure that there's no previous damage or accidents on record. - It's possible that there are some issues with the car, even if you don't see them on your test drive. It doesn't hurt to double-check.

3) Take a spin around town and see how well it handles curves in different driving situations. - Different types of roads require different maneuvering skills. If the car handles poorly, it might be worth reconsidering this purchase.

4) Ask about any warranty offered by the dealership. - This is a good idea, even if you think your new car will be in perfect working order. No matter how well the dealer inspects an automobile before they sell it to you, there might still be problems down the line.

5) See if there is anything else about this model you don't like. - It's better to find out about potential problems now, instead of deciding you don't like it on your drive in Shorewood. Try each feature and see how it feels before making any decisions because that's what you'll be doing every time you use it. Sometimes there are features on cars that either don't work well or aren't practical at all.

6) Ask about the demand for this model. - If there is a huge waiting list for it, you might want to buy it now before somebody else does.

7) If you're unsure about the car, ask for a second test drive. - You may want to take another trip around town or even go on an extended road-trip if there's somewhere that you know good roads.

Ask questions and take your time during your test drive so that you can get as much information as possible about what's right and wrong with the car. Remember: It's always better to bide your time and find out more before signing the deal. Let D'Arcy Hyundai help you with your next test drive.